PMW named as a 2019 SME culture leader

Developing a positive company culture is a HR buzz-phrase which is all about building an encouraging work atmosphere and set of values that benefit staff and the company’s growth.

It’s also something we strongly believe in, and we’re celebrating after being named on Real Business’ list of the Top 25 SME Culture Leaders for 2019.

The list celebrates companies from across the UK that invest in workplace culture and ensure that staff have a positive environment. PMW was placed at number four on the 25 company list.

PMW named as a 2019 SME culture leader

We were recognised for the support we give our team to reach their goals, our paid internship programme, the awards staff receive for their long-service, as well as our values of creativity, integrity, thinking big and supporting the community in the local area, amongst many other positive features.

Our MD Peter Sutton commented: “The benefit of the values and culture we’ve developed have increased productivity and efficiency, and raised morale, which in turn ensures we deliver the best possible service to our clients. We fully acknowledge our people are our biggest asset and I’m delighted our positive company culture has been recognised by Real Business.

“We’re in the process of expanding our office, which is near completion. Many features have been incorporated to further enhance our working environment, which are all aimed at helping to harbour our team’s creativity.”

Information about all 25 companies that have made the 2019 culture leaders list is available on Real Business’ website.

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An image of Charles smiling while talking to someone at a desk with a PMW mug.
Charles Blackith
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An image of Charles smiling while talking to someone at a desk with a PMW mug.

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