How an apprenticeship scheme means good news all round

Here at PMW we’re already getting into the Christmas spirit, but we’ve got something else to celebrate as well! The first student enrolled on our apprenticeship programme, Lois Edginton, has just graduated in Level 3 Digital Marketing – with a distinction. Here’s why we think supporting apprenticeships is a win-win decision.

Meet Lois

Lois was our first apprentice – she joined us fifteen months ago on a digital marketing apprenticeship run in partnership with training facility Creative Process Digital in Brighton. Her work ethic led her to her first part-time job working at a soft play facility when she was just fourteen, and she’s never looked back. Outside work, she loves exercising, meeting friends for cocktails, spending time with her two Cavapoo dogs and doing a little bit too much online shopping . . .

Why choose an apprenticeship?

Lois decided on applying for an apprenticeship instead of following the traditional route of undertaking a university degree, and believes these schemes offer huge benefits for students as an alternative option. She says:

“An apprenticeship was very attractive to me as it offers the chance to get a qualification while gaining real-life experience, with the added benefit of being paid while doing it. Unlike the crippling costs and associated fees that come with studying at university, an apprenticeship is a paid placement, and the course fees are covered by funding from the government and the company sponsoring you, who will also pay you a salary set to a minimum amount.”

Apprenticeships are available via the government’s website and companies who sign up to take part in the programme are required to commit to certain criteria, including paying at least the national minimum wage for apprentices, providing a job role that enables them to gain knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to achieve their qualification and allowing them to combine learning in the workplace with formal off-the-job training.

That sounds great – why choose PMW?

Lois explains: “I chose to apply to PMW because it’s a business with an excellent reputation in my local area – and it’s just a short distance from where I live! PMW stood out because of the difference in what was offered compared with a more traditional type of apprenticeship. Not only did I gain a qualification, but I have also gained invaluable experience in an exciting job.”

Isn’t an apprenticeship an easy option?

As Lois will tell you, that’s definitely not the case!

“While some might think an apprenticeship is a breeze compared to a degree, not every day has been a walk in the park. Certainly not when you’re creating numerous detailed Google Ads reports for 15 clients from all different industries in the space of a few days and fitting in study around this. Fortunately, I have been surrounded by some really supportive people, including Tom, my manager at PMW, and Liz, my tutor, who have both generously shared their wealth of expertise and experience.”

What’s in it for PMW?

We’ll let Tom Marchant, Digital Director at PMW and Lois’s manager, wax lyrical on that one:

“It’s been an absolute pleasure watching Lois flourish. Everyone at PMW is extremely proud of her and we’re delighted she has agreed to continue working in our digital department in the role of Google Ads executive.

“The decision to offer an apprenticeship programme has been hugely beneficial to our business. Before we took on Lois, we had been struggling to find qualified individuals to fill the role of digital executive, so we decided the best thing to do was to train our own! The digital marketing apprenticeship meant not only could we get government funding towards this, but it has also enabled us to grow the department and successfully support our clients with the added benefit of gaining a great employee along the way.”

So, an apprenticeship can lead to a permanent job?

While a permanent role isn’t guaranteed at the end of any apprenticeship, fortunately we were able to offer Lois the permanent position of digital executive and we’re delighted she’s accepted. In fact, the programme has been so successful that we have since taken on another apprentice who is already making a great impact on our day-to-day operations.

Finally . . .

We’ll let Lois have the last word!

“It’s been a great experience and I want to thank PMW and Creative Process Digital for providing me with this fantastic opportunity to start my digital marketing career. It has opened doors and allowed me to make valued connections and friends within the industry that I would have never had the chance to meet otherwise. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!”

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Tom sitting with his laptop in a meeting
Tom Marchant
Digital Director
Tom sitting with his laptop in a meeting

Article by:

Tom Marchant -
Digital Director

Tom has an abundance of digital marketing experience gained from the launch of two global fashion retail start-up companies based in the UK and Germany. His skills dominate the ecommerce sector focusing on CRM/logistics and multiple sales channels from Google to worldwide marketplaces and email automation.

Some of the many digital challenges we face cannot always be solved but that doesn’t mean that we can’t accommodate them in our journey towards success.

When not working at PMW Communications you will find Tom running, swimming and riding the horses at home. His many hobbies include perfumery on a technical level and music production for which he was once listed in the club house charts.