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Our Google Ads services

Maximise your marketing with Google Ads that places your brand at the top of online searches for keywords related to your business. Nothing offers a quicker solution for reaching users at the point of purchase or action than a digital advertising strategy tailored to your audience and industry. And when it comes to keeping your advertising on track, we’re a Google Ads management company with years of experience under its belt.

Working with a Google Ads agency can help skyrocket your profits via Google. This online advertising platform allows you to bid to display brief adverts, service offerings, product listings or videos to web users encouraging them to buy, sign-up or get in contact. The great news is you only pay when someone clicks, and you stay in control of the cost.

Google Ads management involves creating high-performing ads that eliminate wastage and reduce your cost per click. Whatever your industry or company size, we’ve got the experience to create a Google ads strategy that will generate leads and drive the bottom line.

You could say, Google Ads is the holy grail of any
online business looking for fast results.

Google Ads management

Google advertising comes in three main formats; search, display and shopping. Confused which one is the best fit for your organisation?

We take the time to advise our clients on the most cost-effective approach for their business based on the competitive landscape and business opportunities available.

Search Ads

This channel focuses on appearing prominently in search and is reliant on ensuring the right keywords are utilised to meet user intent. Search advertising is like having quick answers to questions online. You only spend budget when your ad gets results.

This is good if:

Display Ads

These work very differently from search ads. The biggest difference is display ads aren’t limited to appearing in one place but can be displayed across the entire network over two million partner sites including You Tube.

Put your ad directly in front of customers without waiting for them to find you and give your brand awareness a boost.

This is good if:

YouTube Ads

Promote your you tube videos with Google Ads

Skippable or non-skippable in-stream ads are a great way to way to ensure your target audience finds the video content you’ve produced. Video ads are visually pleasing and promote your brand.

This is good if:

Google Shopping Ads

This channel delights both shoppers and advertisers alike.

Shopping ads are some of the most clicked ads Google has offer with high conversion rates. For retailers, shopping ads account for over 60% of their paid clicks and they don’t only appear in Google’s standard search results.

They are also visible on the shopping tab, in the price comparison shopping service and apps (iOS and Android), on YouTube and the Google display network.

This is good if:

Getting the most from your Google Ads spend

Google Ads campaign with PMW, we focus budget and time on keywords that aren’t ranking via organic search. Once your campaigns are built, the work doesn’t end there.

We continue to monitor the performance of your ad groups and variations as you accumulate data.

This helps us adapt and refine our approach, so your costs stay low but the rewards high.

Google Ads management ensures that the longer you run your campaign, the higher the return on investment you can expect from your Google Ads agency.

A typical Google Ads campaign
might look something like this:

Keyword research and audience selection

Review your site to find any technical issues that may be adversely affecting performance

Creative development

We write unique copy (titles and descriptions) to help maximise
click-through and conversion rates.

Landing page identification and content development

We identify the best web pages
to send your traffic or create appropriate landing pages for campaigns.

Implement campaign tracking

We’ll work with your team to implement tracking codes to monitor conversions and measure success.

Google Ads management

We provide Google Ads bid management tasks including bid gap monitoring, bid price change, and bid position maintenance – so you don’t overspend.

Campaign improvements

We’ll suggest and implement Google Ads campaign improvements and modifications to achieve the best results.

Creative testing

We’ll perform periodic testing of new ad creatives.

Google Ads reporting

A monthly report is delivered to outline the progress and activity
in a clear, easy-to-understand document.

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Interact with people who have previously visited your website and lead them back for a fraction of the cost of other ad channels. Remarketing ads are delivered on pages within the Google Display Network and help remind users of your brand and offerings.

This is good if:

Frequently asked questions

Setting up and running a successful Google Ads campaign can seem extremely overwhelming if you’re not used to dealing with this form of digital advertising on a day-to-day basis. That’s where a Google Ads agency like PMW can really deliver value. We understand how to optimise your strategy to get the best possible results and interpret the data to better understand your customer behaviour. By continually refining your Google Ads account, you can rest assured we’re working hard every month to get the most out of your budget.

It’s hard to be prescriptive when it comes to this question as much rests on how competitive your industry is, the demand for your products or services, location, and the associated cost of the keywords that you’re going after. The good news is that after an initial conversation with our Google Ads experts we can define a budget and expected return on investment based on data from previous campaigns. Plus, you can specify a bid limit on words.

PMW is a Google Ads Fundamentals qualified agency and is enrolling into the Google Premier Partner programme which means we are proficient at giving ad advice and have delivered growth across our client base.

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