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Email marketing is one of the most cost effective ways of converting the curious into customers.

Far from being outdated, email marketing generates a return on investment of 3,800% for every £1 spent according to Hubspot.

Sounds impressive, right? So how can you tap into this vital source of revenue generation? Here at PMW, we understand that email marketing isn’t about hitting hard with a sales message, it’s about establishing relationships. These interactions can move your potential customers along the path to conversion, building recognition and allegiance along the way.

Our digital department takes a strategic approach to email marketing campaigns to optimise results. Creating the right tone, content and look to appeal to your target audience – with the options of personalisation and segmentation available – ensures each email is as relevant and engaging as possible. We’ll also advise on the best times to send your emails so they have a better chance of being opened and read.

From eNewsletters to a calendar of direct messages, we’ll create content that your audience will want to receive. By sharing discount codes, useful information, blogs or the answers to frequently asked questions, your email communications will help potential customers establish a deeper connection with your brand.

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