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Our initiatives for a better tomorrow

If you’re anything like us, trying to create a positive impact on the world is a priority for you.

We’ve been a socially responsible and ethical agency since we kicked things off more than 30 years ago, but we don’t really shout about it, and sometimes you have to put it all down on paper and make things official.

So, let’s talk about our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations – three important factors that help us ensure we’re eco-friendly and socially responsible.

Here, you can see all the things we do, have done, and are currently working on. We genuinely believe that by combining these efforts (no matter how small they may be compared to giant companies), we can make a big difference globally and ensure that PMW remains a fantastic place to work and a business that fills us with pride.


The official guidelines for the E of ESG include things such as how we’re combating climate change, reducing our carbon emissions, preserving biodiversity, i.e. improving air and water quality, combating deforestation, or responsibly managing our waste, as well as how we’re responsibly using resources and its supply chain.

We’re not a factory producing vast carbon emissions; we’re simply a typical company with an office building (well…a beautiful, converted barn nestled in the West Sussex countryside) that takes every step we can to minimise our impact on the environment and prioritise protecting the world around us.

For example, we:

Ensure our electricity contract is based on 100% renewable energy.

Are launching a new initiative in 2024 where all team members will undertake training from AXA XL’s Climate Academy.

Only instruct ethical and sustainable suppliers, carefully checking their values and policies to ensure they align with our commitment to sustainability and fairness.

Plant a tree via the National Forest scheme for every client we work with.

Use eco-friendly cleaning products wherever possible throughout our premises.

Operate a car share scheme for all necessary travel to meetings.

WFH twice a week and use Teams or alternative software for meetings to reduce our travel.

Strive to be a paperless office and only print when necessary.

Have multiple recycling points on our premises to make recycling waste (including packaging, paper and cardboard) simple and accessible for everyone.

Have increased the number of bee and butterfly-friendly plants on our grounds and have installed bat and insect hotels to encourage the presence of wildlife.

Have water management systems installed in our toilets to reduce our general water usage.

Ensure that all electronics, including all switches and heaters, are turned off at the end of each day to reduce our energy consumption.

Have added more plants to every key working area in the office to enhance air quality and well-being.

We are not in a position to outsource accreditation of our ESG work just yet, but we’re getting there and hope to have an ISO 14001 by 2025.


The official guidelines for the S of ESG include things such as how we’re positively impacting our employees and covers workplace diversity and inclusion, making sure everyone feels valued, focusing on employee well-being, and addressing important issues like child labour and slavery in working conditions. It’s also about how we’re getting involved with and making a positive mark in our communities.

We may not be a global giant with a massive HR department and extensive training budgets, but we certainly prioritise our people! Because, let’s face it, our success and our clients’ successes are all thanks to the dedication of our fantastic team that genuinely cares about what we do, who we work for and where we work.

For example, we:

Consistently support local and global charities. In fact, since we were founded in 1993, we have helped over 100 charities and local causes. We’re also working pro bono for 30 charities in 2024 to celebrate our 30th birthday!

Operate an equal opportunities employment policy at PMW from CV screening through to final appointment and employees’ entire careers with us.

Are compliant with all the standard leave policies, such as maternity, paternity, adoption, and parental leave, but we are proud also to offer miscarriage and neonatal care leave.

Ensure every staff member has Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) training.

Offer a range of training opportunities encompassing both external programmes from reputable suppliers and internal skill-sharing sessions facilitated by our own talented team members.

Conduct annual staff reviews and appraisals to make sure everyone is thriving, and that we’re mapping out progress and identifying any training desires. We will be launching 360-degree feedback from peers in 2024.

Ensure everyone in our team gets fair and equal pay by reviewing and adjusting salaries and benefits regularly, informed by industry benchmarks and standards, and never based on gender, ethnicity or any other protected characteristics.

Invite regular feedback from our team to anonymously share thoughts and concerns on job satisfaction, workplace culture, growth opportunities, and overall experience. We carefully analyse this feedback to ensure we’re making the right decisions to boost employee well-being and productivity.

Operate on an open-door policy, so any team member can talk to anyone within the business if they have any concerns.

Have mental health and physical health first aiders within the company, and we offer the opportunity for emotional support services to every member of the team.

Ensure every team member gets to celebrate their birthday as they wish with a paid day off.

Have inclusive washroom facilities which are accessible to everyone.

Ensure team members know they specify their pronouns in all communications.

Offer flexitime, WFH days, and an early Friday finish to enhance work-life balance.

Offer cultural/religious leave so every team member can request leave or swap their working days for any other religious celebrations outside of the standard UK Government-issued bank holiday dates.

Provide our team with high-spec equipment, ensuring they can work confidently and competently wherever they are required to work in the world.

Support our local community with career workshops and work experience opportunities.

Have multiple group spaces and break-out areas around the office, including a standing workspace and the ability to hot desk, so our team can work collaboratively.

Have a comprehensive, regularly updated employee handbook covering all matters relating to employee rights. This has been written jargon-free, so our team is fully aware of every policy and process we have in place, and everything we do is transparent.


The official guidelines for the G of ESG are about how our management team leads our people and runs the business. This involves ensuring we follow clear and transparent accounting practices, value integrity and diversity, and stay accountable to our shareholders.

While we are on a journey to obtain an independent evaluation of our governance practices, we are actively reviewing our processes internally and adhering to best practices wherever possible.

For example, we:

Hold Cyber Essentials certification.

Consistently operate with financial responsibility, prioritising the future of our business and the security and well-being of our staff.

Have processes and policies in place for GDPR, confidentiality, anti-bribery and corruption.

Have a data breach process and would transparently communicate any breaches to the ICO (to date, our robust policies mean we have never had to do this).

Approach our relationships with suppliers as partnerships, extending to them the same level of respect, courtesy, and timely payment that we would expect ourselves.

Are committed to upholding the fundamental principles of human rights and ensuring their protection throughout all aspects of our operations. We firmly believe in the responsibility to respect the rights of external stakeholders involved in our client relationships. Should we become aware of any instances where the human rights of external stakeholders are being violated by any party associated with our services, we will take immediate and decisive action.

Ensure that our Leadership Team (LT) embodies all operating divisions and disciplines, with each member appointed based on merit to effectively represent the team and the business. Moreover, we take pride in achieving an equal gender split among our LT team members.

Undertake an annual independent financial audit to ensure that our company accounts are transparent and fully representative of our business dealings.

Ensure that every team member has a work agreement outlining our codes of conduct and both their and our contractual obligations.

Have developed a contingency plan to prepare for and respond to events that could seriously disrupt parts or all of our business. This plan addresses crisis management and disaster recovery in situations like theft, fire, flooding, fraud, terrorism, vandalism, or IT and utilities failure.

It doesn’t stop there though. We have appointed a PMW ESG team who are responsible for continuously identifying and implementing future improvements.

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