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We know the most valuable part of our business is the people who run it. We're an eclectic bunch, but despite our differences we have two important things in common; we're passionate about what we do and we're at our best when we work together.

Based in the heart of leafy Sussex, our team is 30 members strong...

Peter Sutton

Managing Director

Gina Hollands

Commercial & PR Director

Graham Walker

Digital Director

Jamie Forsyth

Creative Director

Rich Newman

Social Media Specialist

Kate Clifford

SEO Manager

Ben Luff

Social Media Manager

Suzie Farrell

Account Director

Tim Crutkaew

Senior Designer

Martin Duval

Senior Designer

Tom Marchant

Senior Digital Campaign Manager

Harriette Bond

PR Director of B2B

Gemma Hook

PR Director of B2C

Mary Logan

Account Management Director

Peter Burton

Financial Director

Charlotte Ellis

Middleweight Graphic Designer

Sally Burfoot

Senior PR Manager

Kerrie Betteridge

Account Manager

Lizzie Moyse

Account Director

Glen Stanbridge

Senior Full Stack Developer

Jo Durrant

Senior Account Executive

Jackie Stainer

Account Director

Anna Harris

Senior PR Manager

Lauren Hogg

Senior Account Manager

Cairine Currie

Account / HR Manager

Suzanne Matthews

Accounts Manager

Zoё Melhuish

Account Executive

Joanne Dann

Business Development Manager

Isobel Wilson

PR Executive

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