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The advantages of radio advertising…

Unlike any other media platform, radio is a personal experience.
You invite it in.

Like a good friend recommending a product or service over a cup of coffee, radio’s personal approach can turn a passive audience into active buyers. Bolstered by digital technology, today radio advertising is highly targeted and extremely cost-efficient.

Why is radio advertising effective?

One to one experience

Speak directly to your customers and encourage a personal connection with your brand

Message you can’t ignore

Unlike a website or social media channel you can’t skip over a radio ad. Your audience hears what you have to say

Highly targeted audience

Up-to-date listener demographics, overseen by Radio Joint Audience Research (RAJAR), enable you to match the right station to your target audience

Proven buying

Quantifiable response rates point to the spending power of radio audiences


We work with world-class voiceover artists and talented musicians for the ultimate the audio experience

Give your brand

Hearing a well-produced ad on the airwaves instantly elevates your brand to your listeners

We never compromise the quality of our radio adverts.

Crafting a radio advertising campaign requires experience and some hefty buying power. Enter PMW’s media experts.

We’ve been doing this for years, and we’ve worked with the best. From leading celebrity voiceover artists to the country’s top radio producers, our expertise means our campaigns are as entertaining as the music and conversation either side of the ad break.

Why choose PMW as your radio advertising agency?

Some of the iconic voiceover artists we’ve worked with on our radio adverts…


James Buckley


Harry Enfield


Brian Blessed


James Corden

The radio production process

From the first brief to production and airtime,
we’ll deal with everything involved in getting your radio advert on air.

The Creative

Our creative radio advertising campaigns ensure the right messages reach the right audience in the most engaging way.

Working alongside a professional radio producer, we’ll develop a concept that stands out from the competition via clever scriptwriting, fabulous voiceovers artists and full production services.

But if, in those precious seconds, your radio advert quality falls short it can do your brand more harm than good.

Success rests on the production value of your ad and for that you need a radio advertising agency with experience and production know-how.

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