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How much should you spend on Facebook advertising? A rough guide. 22nd March 2021 Read time: 6 minutes Once upon a time, before I started my career in social media, I had some temporary work and did a bit of painting and decorating. I was doing a job for a carpenter who specialised in fixing up sash windows. While painting away one day, Rich Newman Social Media Specialist Read more
Why is it now considered acceptable for employers to ignore you? 11th March 2021 Read time: 6 minutes 30% of applicants received the silent treatment after applying for a job in 2020. Since when did this become okay and what can be done about it? Gina Hollands Commercial & PR Director Read more
From journalist to website copywriter, with PR in between 5th March 2021 Read time: 4 minutes How to identify transferable skills to develop an adaptive career. Sally Burfoot Senior PR Manager Read more
Top Ten Tips – Maintaining company culture in a remote team 1st March 2021 Read time: 7 minutes Back in the day when offices were a thing, ‘company culture’ and staff relationships were often built and solidified around communal breakfasts, Friday afternoon drinks or team days out. Gina Hollands Commercial & PR Director Read more
Proactive vs. Reactive Marketing: What’s the Difference? 12th February 2021 Read time: 4 minutes The COVID-19 pandemic has forced nearly every business in the world to evaluate how they spend their resources. Every industry is asking: How can we get the most out of what we have? Tom Marchant Senior Digital Campaign Manager Read more
Design your own website or hire a professional? 18th January 2021 Read time: 6 minutes So, you are looking to create a website? If this is your first rodeo, then the process can seem a daunting affair and you may feel out of your depth. Graham Walker Digital Director Read more
Preparing for the perfect presentation 10th December 2020 Read time: 4 minutes Giving the perfect presentation is about a lot more than what you’re presenting. The way you deliver your message needs to be compelling, persuasive and, in some cases, inspiring. It’s not easy and you will need to practice and hone your skills. Peter Sutton Managing Director Read more
Don’t push the boost button! 9th December 2020 Read time: 5 minutes If you’ve ever managed a Facebook page, you’ll know the button we’re talking about - that big blue one next to every post you’ve ever published. We know it’s easy and tempting to press it, but DON’T DO IT! Ben Luff Social Media Manager Read more
How to market yourself at an interview 24th November 2020 Read time: 3 minutes Marketing is defined as ‘the action or business of promoting and selling products or services’. It can help a company to drive awareness, make sales, or promote an event. Gina Hollands Commercial & PR Director Read more
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