Account Management vs. Project Management – what’s the difference?

True or False: Account Management and Project Management services in a marketing agency are the same thing?

Answer: False

While both play pivotal roles in client satisfaction and project success, each contributes distinct skills and has unique responsibilities, so we see them quite differently.

First, let’s define Account Management (well, our PMW definition!). We call our Account Management team the conductors of our marketing orchestra. They act as the liaison between our clients and the various departments within the agency, ensuring that client expectations are communicated clearly and consistently. They go beyond merely booking ad space or airtime, closing deals, or sorting invoices; they understand the client’s needs and business goals, provide exceptional customer service, look at the bigger picture, and ultimately ensure client satisfaction.

On the other hand, Project Management requires a hands-on approach to guide a project through its lifecycle. From scoping the work required to identifying and mitigating potential risks, scheduling, resourcing and managing the acquisition of necessary resources for the project, our Project Management service means we are responsible for overseeing the execution of specific campaigns. They monitor progress, act as quality controllers and brand guardians, and, most crucially, maintain stringent deadlines. They are our architects behind successful project delivery, juggling a multitude of aspects (sometimes engaging with various stakeholders around the globe to gather input and feedback) to ensure everything aligns seamlessly with the client’s vision and expectations.

So how do they work together?

In a full-service marketing agency like ours, maintaining a harmonious relationship between Account Management and Project Management is indispensable. While Account Management focuses on building and maintaining client relationships, our Project Management service means we meticulously execute campaigns with energy, vision and professionalism, ensuring that projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the high standards expected by clients. By understanding and appreciating the unique contributions of each role, we ensure a creative and consistent blend that maximises client satisfaction and project success. After all, it’s not just about meeting expectations; it’s about exceeding them.

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Lizzie Moyse
Account Management Director

Article by:

Lizzie Moyse -
Account Management Director

Known for her cheerful demeanour and dedicated work ethic, Lizzie’s expert management skills have seen her successfully oversee high-profile brands such as Born Free, Willmott Dixon and Brighton Centre.

Lizzie’s attention to detail means she carries out every project with precision and panache, and her high-energy levels always help to keep the team motivated.

Lizzie’s other passions are outdoor adventures and sports, including rock-climbing, mountaineering and netball. She also devotes her spare time to running an Explorer Scout group.

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