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27th April 2020


Very soon, the world will start to get back to normal. Now’s the time to get your house in order, get ready and show your clients that you’re not only still here, but better than before.

So, what can PMW do for my business?  Well, we’ve created a little guide for you… and if you need any more help, then just give us a call.



We understand that video/production isn’t what it was a few weeks ago, but that’s no reason not to produce the content.  If anything, the trend of the moment is rough and ready – just get the content out there. As long as the message is good, then people will ignore the fact you don’t have a Tarentino-esque budget.

Although we can’t get out and film people, we’ve always produced quality video content to our clients’ budget. We created this film for our client ‘Charles Taylor’ (below) to promote their new brand launch using stock footage, graphics and good old-fashioned editing.

Animations are also an option – we illustrated and animated this for our client CSL… and we didn’t even leave our seat (except for comfort breaks obviously).

Testimonials/Piece to camera – there are lots of free online services that let you harness the power of your laptop camera and microphone to record video. When you can’t get out and about and capture footage, think about how this can be used to keep your audience informed or entertained. These ‘rough and ready’ clips can be edited together with music, captions, titling and even motion graphics to produce something that will get noticed. Even if you scale it back and just talk to the camera, they can be really impactful. Show your clients your best impressions, read out a good testimonial – and get your personality out there.




If you think about it, there’s never been a better time to get your website looking great.  Your website is your virtual shop window, and if people are coming onto your site then it has to look the part.

Not only that, it has to be optimised for mobile. More people are sitting on their phones than ever before and if they’re not interested, or it’s not functioning properly then they will go to a site that does.

At PMW we create top class websites – with a focus on UX & UI (that’s User Experience and User Interface to you and I), which means that we keep people on your site longer as they’re interested, and get them the information they need.

Partner this with SEO (search engine optimisation) and PPC (Pay Per Click) and you’re looking at a great ROI (return on investment… we all know that one).

Analytics – if you haven’t already, now’s the time to look at your most popular products or items that could see a surge given the current situation. These products need to be front of mind on your site and messaging consistent across your social channels.



We are literally getting the best deals on Facebook advertising at the moment – the cost of an ad has decreased by 50%, so we’re getting more bang for your buck.  We’re also speaking to more people… you don’t have your boss breathing down your neck whilst you glance at Facebook and you want to see what people are up to… which is pretty much exactly the same as what you’re up to, because we’re all doing nothing ironically.

Linkedin is the best way to get your business across to other businesses.  If you’re busy and have changed tack in light of the lockdown, then now’s a good time to let people know this.  We can help to get this message out there and in front of a new audience.



At the moment, it’s really about talking to a captive audience.  People are stuck at home, craving something different. Radio is perfect for this – the percentage of people listening to Heart at the moment has increased by 60% as people are sitting at home working. Sky has reported that the amount of people watching TV has obviously gone up, so there’s never been a better time to advertise.

With such a high percentage of the population having to stay at home, there has never been a better opportunity to capture their imagination with a creative piece of direct mail. We design and print brochures, mailers and just about anything else you can fit through a letterbox. Our network of printers and mail houses are ready and waiting to get things started for you.



What’s hot?

Anything that can be delivered is still in demand. Amazon is reporting unprecedented volumes of traffic and orders through their systems. Consumable products from subscription coffee to printer ink are seeing a 400% + increase as we settle into a routine of working from home. IT equipment such as laptops, web cameras and office chairs are also seeing record sales and long lead times.


The power of knowledge & data

Think about how and what people are searching for and how this could benefit your business or service. A simple tweak to the keywords on a few of your website pages or a suitable blog or social post could make a difference to your site traffic or engagement. It’s fascinating to look at what countries are looking at online and Google Trends is a great place to start. This data has been used to predict election results and even potential concert venues. You can check it out here.

What does it all mean?

Conclusion – it’s pretty simple. There are a ton of opportunities out there to connect with your existing audience, but in order to do so, you need to keep speaking to them. Companies are capitalising on better reach with ‘paid for’ advertising. We are seeing more competitive rates in radio and social advertising making your budget go further.


Time to turn it back on

This situation will not last forever, and now is the time to start planning and get a head start on the competition. History shows that adversity can often lead to big things. Brands like Microsoft, HP, Mailchimp, Airbnb and WhatsApp were established in difficult economic circumstances and have gone on to become household names. Will your brand be one of these?

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Jamie Forsyth - Creative Director

A design and graphical lover, Jamie brings 20 years’ creative studio experience to his role, producing stunning results for a range of clients. Over the years, Jamie has worked with BMW, Zoopla, Experian, Mercedes, Canon and Sky, winning awards for his innovative campaigns.

A talented guitarist and singer, Jamie used to tour and play festivals with his band (although these days he’s given up on his boy-band dreams and prefers to be a member of the audience).

He also plays football and is a life-long (and long suffering) Crystal Palace fan.

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