We review our favourite marketing campaigns from the past month

There’s nothing more we love to do here at PMW HQ than to take a squiz at the latest marketing campaigns to hit the publicity stratosphere. From the quirky to the inspired and the downright bizarre, here’s our top picks from the last few weeks.

Swiss Me’s healthy fruit smoothies

Bringing the words ‘food porn’ to a whole new level is this deliciously cheeky advert that has been deemed so raunchy by Clearcast, the organisation that clears ads for broadcast for UK commercials, it can only be aired after the 9pm watershed. The advert, which was created by PLAY, features kiwi fruits being fondled, bananas receiving a seductive stroke and a grand finale geyser of smoothie erupting over raspberries and blueberries. Now that’s smooth work!

Renowned photographer Rankin’s tribute to the NHS

Our NHS and its staff have always been something to celebrate, admire and be grateful for and this has never been more true than in recent months. To mark its 72nd birthday on 5th July, acclaimed photographer Rankin, who is well known for his portraits of famous people such as Kate Moss and the Queen, offered to capture images of 12 people playing a vital role in the NHS response to COVID-19.

The collection of images, which features powerful and personal portraits of doctors, nurses and other NHS staff, will be showcased across the country at bus stops, billboards and other areas. The full selection of portraits, and the stories behind the people, can be found here.

Marmite scented Lynx body spray

Yes, it really is a thing! Already dubbed as the ‘social distancing deodorant’, Lynx has teamed up with Marmite to create a limited edition scent that you will either ‘love or hate’. This bizarre concoction was the brainchild of Unilever, the company behind the two brands, and is, according to its spokesperson, a nod to ‘all the lovers of two iconic legends that have shaped dating and breakfast culture across the nation’. If you’re looking for the perfect perfume to keep people at a safe 2-metre’s distance, then this is probably a good place to start.

Lawn Tennis Association’s ‘Play Your Way’ campaign

Around about now we’d normally be settling down with some strawberries and cream for a fortnight of Wimbledon wins and woes. Instead, with the famous tennis tournament cancelled for 2020, the LTA has launched its ‘Play Your Way’ campaign to encourage people from all walks of life to pick up a racket and play, even if they aren’t any good at it. The advert, which was created by Ludo Thomas and Arthur Harry, shows amateur tennis players serving up their best shots and reassuring them that the odd mishap ‘happens to the best of us’. Well played, LTA.

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Rich Newman
Brand and Social Media Strategist

Article by:

Rich Newman -
Brand and Social Media Strategist

A creative social media specialist with eight years’ experience, Rich has worked with many renowned brands, creating highly-successful social media strategies and content.

Having worked with brands such as Kia Motors, Mazda, Royal Caribbean, SailGP and the Intercontinental Hotel Group, Rich really knows his stuff when it comes to creating powerful digital content.

When Rich isn’t Tweeting, you’ll probably find him moving heavy metal at the gym.


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