Charles Taylor is a leading global insurance services provider managing around six million customer contracts every year. With more than 3,000 staff based in over 120 locations around the world, the company requires a large amount of marketing communication to support its suite of services.


We provided Charles Taylor and its subsidiaries with a wide range of design services for print and digital marketing assets. These include literature, stationery, large-scale displays and IT graphics, as well as web and video.

Why PMW?

Our design team has decades of combined experience in developing on-brand communication assets for multinational corporate clients. Having already proven itself through its work with the CEGA brand, and with a full suite of in-house services at its disposal, PMW was the natural choice to manage Charles Taylor’s additional marketing requirements.

Professional design for a global market

Managing the process from concept to delivery, PMW’s design team delivered a comprehensive collection of on-brand marketing assets for Charles Taylor. 

Brochures – slick and image-led, we designed a series of international marketing literature communicating Charles Taylor’s corporate history, services and mission. In each example, orderly layouts, clear-speaking copy and colour-coded graphical elements are combined to present a coherent narrative.

Business cards – geometric shapes and patterns were used to represent the global nature of the firm’s work. We provided print files of cards for international employees on demand and at short notice.

Large-scale graphics – we created 40×10 metre booth graphics for use at events and exhibitions, as well as 80×60 metre wall vinyls – the biggest the print company had produced to that point.

Stationery – we developed and implemented visual elements to create letterheads, report templates, employee bio templates and other distinctly branded stationery for the corporation and its subdivisions.

PowerPoint – we designed templates and provided instructions for users to remain on brand when creating presentations.

We’ve also designed and produced email signatures, screensavers, desktop wallpaper, posters, and adverts.

Window to the world

PMW created a new website with bespoke functionality to meet Charles Taylor’s need for an online presence for their USA adjusting service.

As part of the site, our web development team built a searchable database of the company’s US-based loss adjusters. With options to filter by location, specialty, name, or keyword, the function displays a list of relevant personnel and their contact details. This enables users to quickly and easily find the nearest relevant adjuster.

Caught on camera

PMW’s in-house team has planned and produced a series of videos for both internal and promotional use for Charles Taylor.

Our work involved scripting, storyboarding and editing, as well as creating bespoke illustrations, animation and motion graphics, and producing professional voice-overs.

From animated explainers for employees, to corporate promos for internal and exhibition displays, our videos for Charles Taylor brought their subjects to life and delivered key messaging in an engaging and memorable way.

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