Constructing an impactful campaign for a robust brand.


Brigade Electronics came to us needing a campaign for its range of camera safety systems, to reach audiences across multiple countries. The overarching aim was to drive brand presence and awareness for its durable safety products that protect lives when installed on commercial vehicles operating in demanding environments.

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By focusing on increasing website visits and social media interactions, our team started out by creating a slick landing page, optimised for Brigade’s domains in England, USA, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, and the Netherlands.

We then shaped content for social media, PPC and PR that reflected its resilient and reliable safety systems, making sure the translations were spot on for each country.

Why PMW:

Since its initial discovery of our PR prowess, we have since built a long-standing collaboration with Brigade.

Having consistently hit the mark and delivered excellent results over many years, we couldn’t be more honoured that Brigade decided to take our relationship to the next level and benefit from all our services.

Preparing the groundwork to reel in the perfect audience

The starting block for this campaign was to develop a central place that all campaign activity would be drawn to for each country in which Brigade operates. Our answer to this was to formulate a strong landing page, designed in line with the client’s brief to highlight the toughness, durability, and reliability of its product range.

Having visually reflected Brigade’s objectives, we utilised our SEO toolkit and expertise to load the landing page with succinct information, primed to target the ideal industry keywords for each national domain. This full-service collaboration between our web design superstars, SEO maestros, and savvy wordsmiths culminated in a polished and highly optimised page.

The seamless translation across all country domains resulted in 115 backlinks that swiftly propelled the eight landing pages up the ranks of internet search listings, positioning the campaign right in front of their audience and totalling 2944 unique page visits.

Maximising engagement with scroll-stopping social media

With a niche product and audience, the social media for this campaign needed both the right creative approach and platform to nail the client’s brand awareness goals.  

 With our resourceful social team in the lead, impactful video brand ads combined a winning mix of bold typeface and hard-hitting imagery to create clear-cut, powerful video ads. For three months, we used LinkedIn advertising specifically to target fleet and transport managers in relevant industries and countries, gaining huge traction with 279k impressions, 3457 views, and 743 landing page visits.  

Amplifying brand messages with a solid PR strategy

To create resonance with its target audience, it was essential that we generated multiple opportunities for coverage across different types of media. The addition of PR created a diverse campaign, reaching a wider audience and keeping brand messaging in the forefront of prospective customers’ minds. 

Over years of experience, we’ve generated a wealth of valuable contacts in the press, and we know exactly how to pitch a story to the right media outlets for the best chances of gaining coverage. For this campaign, we translated and distributed 3 press releases and produced a sharp advertorial piece that highlighted the benefits of using Brigade Tough products in demanding environments.  

We secured 104 pieces of valuable coverage, shining a spotlight on Brigade Tough for all the important trades to see. For continuity and ultimate brand exposure, our skilled copywriters also crafted and translated three newsletters, bolstering its campaign messaging across the board.  

Gripping digital ads designed to strengthen brand awareness

To represent the sturdiness and reliability of the Brigade Tough product line, it felt natural to captivate viewers with video for the paid advertising element of this brand promotion.

YouTube advertising was an obvious platform choice to use and complement the other paid advertising. So, for the first time ever, Brigade ran adverts on YouTube. Using 15-second clips from 3 videos that we produced especially for PPC, we targeted users based on their relevant interests, as well as the ad spaces on videos of popular influencers within key industries. The results speak for themselves; the video ads racked up over 972,000 views and drew in 951 clicks to the landing page.


Laying the foundations to develop customer relationships

Like any well-established company, Brigade has its own extensive database of email addresses. Some of the most significant customers can be those that already sit under your wing, and this is where we stepped in to increase their awareness of Brigade Tough products.  

 Our masters of email pulled together an attention-grabbing email campaign for all subscribers, designed to be spread across three months. Using the perfect structure, wording, and imagery, three emails were handed over to Brigade to distribute using its own platform for optimal success. 


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“The challenge we faced was creating an uplift of interest around our Tough products. Having worked with PMW for many years, we are once again impressed with the team’s creativity and the results that they’ve delivered for us.”
Jordan Marshall
Group Marketing Campaigns Lead - Brigade Electronics Group PLC
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