The team at Lets Explore planned to open a state-of-the-art soft play facility and café. The mission was to provide a service that left behind stressful, chaotic environments in favour of a fun and engaging space for families to enjoy. As the Mission Control to its intrepid cosmonauts, we used our marketing expertise to help Lets Explore achieve a successful lift off and establish a strong base for the future.



PMW created branding, venue graphics and a website for the new soft play centre, organised a launch day event, and supported the business through ongoing digital services.

lets explore illustration
lets explore illustration

Why PMW?

Having already established a good relationship with us while promoting its other venue, Lets Go, PMW was the natural choice for Lets Explore.

As a full-service marketing agency, we had the experience and capability to support many aspects of the launch, from the branding and the website to the opening event itself.


107 Press Cuttings
3.73 Circulation
3.22 Readership
17 AVE Advertising Value Equivalent
48 PR Value

To boldly go where no branding has gone before

Based around the theme of exploration, our talented studio team worked alongside the client to visualise their ideas, developing a huge amount of character, object, and environment designs to populate the soft play area.

From alien and astronaut-filled planets to dense jungle and deep blue seas, the team provided the visual language for three distinct but complementary worlds: jungle, ocean, and outer space.

To bring the designs to life, we collaborated with an architectural firm who used our visuals to create the bespoke soft play equipment, from floors and walls to slides and obstacles. The resulting environment cleverly implements PMW’s designs to engage the imagination and provide a stimulating and spellbinding experience.

Navigating new worlds with wonderful web design

Our web team utilised the established branding and character design to create a mobile-friendly, easy-to-use site packed with essential information.

Colourful, eye-catching visuals were combined with simple, distinct design to deliver a fun and engaging user experience that clearly communicates the soft play’s offering.

A launch to unleash their imagination

Using our event management and PR expertise, we delivered a memorable launch day, featuring special guest, Dora the Explorer. 

Thanks to the interest generated through our longstanding press connections, the launch event became the hot ticket for all regional families, selling out in a matter of hours.

Reaching the next frontier through search engine dominance

To skyrocket Lets Explore’s brand new website, our campaign began with a focus on local SEO to attract families searching for soft play centres in the immediate area.

The strategy was also supported by PPC on soft play area keywords to ensure maximum benefits. Once the SEO was established, we switched to broader keywords to attract a wider range of customers, including parents looking for days out in the area.

It’s this joined-up way of working that delivers results.

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