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The Brighton Centre is a live entertainment and conference venue on the south coast. Every year it plays host to a range of performances, including some of the biggest names in showbiz.


PMW provides the Brighton Centre with PR and advertising to promote its list of live entertainment.


Why PMW?

To ensure that all shows at the Brighton Centre play to sell-out crowds, the venue requires a marketing service it can reply on to spread the word. PMW acts as an extension of its marketing department. Over the years we’ve built a strong relationship based on delivering positive results.



729 press cuttings
14.4 circulation
18.5 reach
334 AVE Advertising Value Equivalent
1 EVE Editorial Value Equivalent

The headline act

PMW provides the Brighton Centre with PR that supports the promotion of the venue’s entertainment calendar to ensure its shows are well-publicised.

Acting as a conduit to the media, PMW uses its connections to issue ‘on sale’ announcements, press releases and tour assets on behalf of promoters, allowing their acts to benefit from increased exposure.

These releases receive coverage in local, regional and national publications, as well as broadcast and social media platforms.

For longer-running shows including theatre productions such as War Horse, Starlight Express and Mamma Mia, we have arranged specific media events to create interest prior to opening night.

We also organise press days, radio and print press interviews with acts, and create competitions where members of the public can win tickets to see a show.

In the spotlight

The Brighton Centre has a non-stop roster of acts and shows to promote. PMW helps the venue sell tickets through paid advertising across various channels.

Our team has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to placing adverts in different media, ensuring that any ad space taken best matches the desired demographic for the artist or show.

Online, we utilise social media advertising. Our team creates eye-catching content designed to attract attention and convert interest to ticket sales.

As well as advertising show lists, we also provide solo marketing for individual shows, managing larger budgets to promote those with longer runs.

This can involve adverts for radio and TV to be broadcast on well-known stations such as Heart, Juice, and More Radio.

Scripted and produced by our talented creatives, and placed in prime time slots, these reach a huge audience and can prove very effective at generating interest.

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