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Artemis Aerospace supplies parts for aircraft and simulators. After losing out on a big contract, they reached out for our help to elevate their branding to reflect just how good they really are.

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With a small in-house marketing team, they lacked the time required to run all their marketing disciplines themselves.

They tasked us with a full-service mission spanning their PR, social channels, website, SEO, design, and a brand strategy overhaul – all aiming to showcase the extensive capabilities of Artemis Aerospace.

Why PMW:

Because we’re a full-service agency, we completely understood what Artemis needed to excel in their industry and could offer personalised advice regarding each service.

With an in-house team raring to go, we nailed the initial brand refresh which ultimately led to us developing a long-standing relationship with this impressive client.

Navigating clever brand changes for industry prominence

In order to show off Artemis in their best light, we started by refining their branding. Beginning with their logo, we refreshed the design to give it a more defined appearance. We also introduced a new primary and secondary colour palette to help the company remain recognisable across all platforms, from social to PR.

As part of our brand strategy, we dived into the identity of Artemis. We needed to get under their skin in order to present them globally. At their core, they are problem solvers who provide their customers with realistic options and the best solutions. This is what led us to their brand message of ‘we always find a way.’

Creating slick visuals to make an impact

Our design team wasted no time completing the brand refresh and used this to guide the creation of company business cards, press ads for Civil Aviation magazine and a variety of leaflets. Our photographer retook each employee’s headshot to elevate the new ‘meet the team’ section on their website, alongside some other photos of their office and their facilities.  

 We wanted to create a range of sleek, professional videos to showcase the problem-solving personality of Artemis. We visited their stunning rural office to shoot an introductory video with the goal of creating a piece that sparked emotion from the viewer. Our client was so pleased with the final video they were brought to tears – a PMW first at the time! 

Soaring to the top of search engines with a refined website

Artemis’ website was functioning well when they first came to us. To take it to the next level, we implemented their new brand refresh across the whole website to showcase visually Artemis’ expertise in the aviation industry. We provided tweaks to refine the site, such as uploading headshots taken by our design studio to create a ‘meet the team’ page and enhanced the site’s user experience.

We knew we had to effectively display Artemis’ expertise in the aviation industry. We decided to write interesting and engaging blog content for their website, ranging from ‘What to eat at 30,000 feet’ to ‘Airport codes: how are they selected?’. Each blog was written to support the SEO strategy devised by our talented digital team and positioned the Artemis website well to answer relevant customer questions about the industry.

Our digital team worked closely with both our website developers and PR team to update the Artemis service pages and create SEO-optimised headings for each page. They also conducted crucial competitor research which enabled them to pick up on any key pages that were missing from the Artemis website and get these uploaded. Since performing these updates we have welcomed 3,295 new users to the website, and we got them on the first page of Google through organic keywords within 6 months of launch.

Boosting brand take-off with an inventive campaign

To increase the reputation of Artemis, we knew we needed a uniquely creative approach to get their brand messaging successfully across to their niche clients. Our social team decided to run paid adverts to target conferences that Artemis intended to visit. They used the coordinates of the venue to create a narrow radius in which to target those who had recently visited the area. This resulted in people arriving at the conference already knowing who Artemis were and instantly recognising the brand.  

 Our social team also developed a thumb-stopping organic plan to boost the reach and visibility of Artemis. Each organic post uses the new branding which makes Artemis look seamless across all its platforms. Through combining static images with moving elements, our team creates stunning visuals to cover topics such as ‘meet the team’, blog post updates, and service information. The results speak for themselves, with a total of 56,739 impressions so far and an increase in their LinkedIn following to over 1,000 followers. 


Organic Impressions
Paid Impressions
LinkedIn Net Follower Growth
First page of Google through organic keywords within 6 months of launch!
new users to the website
unique keywords ranking in Google
landing pages ranking in Google
“We have been blown away by each and every advert, video, and blog post you have created for us. You’ve truly nailed it.”
Managing Director - Artemis


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