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Ardingly College came to us for help with their social media, with the overall aim being to increase awareness of the college on both TikTok and Meta. After achieving some phenomenal results, we were soon asked to create a series of print adverts, alongside a rebrand.

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With a team already stretched over capacity, they were short of the time and expertise to run their social platforms effectively themselves. By working alongside their marketing executive, we were able to curate a series of viral TikToks that demonstrated the culture of the college.  

Why PMW:

After impressing the client with our knockout social media ideas via a video meeting, we were invited in for a discovery session at the college with the headmaster and department heads.

They loved our hands-on approach and ambition to get ‘under the skin’ of the school and fully understand all that was needed for their marketing. Much to our delight, it was our in-depth comprehension of the college that enabled us to win a longer-term relationship with this client.

To increase the reach and visibility of Ardingly College, a stand-out social media plan was essential.

Our social team had one priority – to get into the minds of prospective students and their parents. In order to nail this, the content needed the right creative approach. By showing off the school’s unique campus and facilities, our team were able to create a series of viral TikToks to attract the attention of potential parents and students – the best performing video achieved an impressive 543,000 views!

With years of experience in paid advertising, we know how to create an advert that resonates with its audience. Over 3 months we ran effective campaigns on both LinkedIn and Meta promoting open days at the college, achieving 599,690 impressions, 3,504 link clicks and 62 open day sign-ups. By creating short videos about the pre-prep and prep school separately, we were able successfully to target parents and carers whose children were at different stages in their academic journeys.

A class act for a brand upgrade

We took on the task of developing a fresh creative concept for our client, which has been implemented across various platforms. By taking the lead on design and ideation, we created two design concepts that spanned their social media, website, and print collateral, including 48 sheet posters and print adverts.   

Our first concept was taken down a more daring route, pushing the boundaries of Ardingly’s existing brand. Whilst the first concept was too edgy for their overseas markets, our second concept offered a much safer approach. Incorporating a secondary colour palette achieved a clean, fresh, and more modern look than their original designs, which ultimately elevated the brand.  


Smart media buying makes the grade

We created an extensive print buying plan for our client, focusing on their academic year of 2022/2023, strategically selecting magazines that would effectively reach their target demographic of prospective parents. Prominent publications such as Tatler, Primary Times, Family Grapevine, Good Schools Guide and local parish magazines were identified as key targets for our desired audience.

Through each of these publications, we were able to target a diverse audience of potential parents and students. Securing space in local parish magazines allowed us to target specific geographical areas and engage with local communities, whilst Primary Times and Good Schools Guide created a wider awareness amongst those already interested in education.


Increased TikTok following by
Increased TikTok following from
0 to 7481
likes on TikTok
video views on TikTok.
open day sign-ups
“PMW has understood exactly what we were hoping to accomplish right from the start, and we have been blown away with the team’s creativity and the results that they’ve delivered for us. The team have always provided insights into how best to achieve our goals and we are looking forward to where this relationship takes us.”
Managing Director - Ardingly College

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