As a well-respected accountancy company, with seven branches across London and Kent, Perrys provides financial and tax planning services to organisations of all sizes.

The brief required a new brand design that would communicate Perrys’ central message: service, advice, knowledge and value that’s Exceptional as Standard. Having built trust in our expertise through a long-running relationship, Perrys enlisted our help to refresh the brand. The project required a new-look logo to convey the company’s modern values, while maintaining a link to its roots by incorporating the wren; a bird associated with creativity and determination.


Our design team used a simple, yet elegant typeface and incorporated the stylised motif of a wren which now proudly sits on Perrys’ refreshed logo. The colours black and gold were selected to convey quality and value, while images and graphics were developed to reinforce the professionalism of the organisation and echo the positioner Exceptional as Standard.

Marketing collateral

Every rebranding project is supported by a clear set of brand guidelines to ensure consistency in look and tone. These guidelines underpinned all collateral produced for Perrys, from eye-catching ads to informative customer guides.

Website design

With the UX and UI of Perrys’ website firmly in mind, we developed a design that focused on providing an engaging, intuitive user interface that demonstrates industry leadership through innovation.


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