With an enviable reputation in the region, Jacobs Steel is a Worthing-based estate agent with over 35 years of experience in finding homes to buy and rent across the south coast.

With two new Managing Directors at the helm, Jacob Steel needed to rethink its brand to reflect the modern, thriving business it has become. The brief required a brand identity that spoke of trust, integrity, and a personal approach to property marketing. The project required a new logo, strapline, sub-brand and website.


Our design team came up with a new logo and positioner ‘Living Property’ to reflect the fact that property isn’t just about bricks and mortar – it’s finding people a life they’ll love. The brand uses a simple yet effective colour palette which includes a shade of red that customers now instantly associate with Jacobs Steel. A sub-brand identity was also created for JS Signature, the premium property service. This design took elements of the new JS logo combined with high-end imagery and graphics to suggest exclusivity and elegance.


Jacob Steel’s new website combines a superior user experience with a clear, visually arresting style that highlights the professionalism and the reach of the organisation. Every graphic, image and typeface links with the central brand identity and consistently delivers across all platforms. Website traffic and positive customer feedback have been testament to the power of the new brand.


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