As one of the leading real estate services and investment organisations, CBRE has a globally recognised reputation for performance excellence.

The brief required us to rebrand and redefine an internal communications initiative entitled The Exceptional Journey. The scope of the project incorporated every design aspect, from the creation of a new name, logo, and graphic identity, to messaging and tone of voice. The concept needed to reflect CBRE’s core internal values of respect, integrity, service and excellence, whilst still maintaining a connection with the original programme.


Armed with the brief, our creative design team developed the Rise to Exceptional identity, represented by the linear logo which incorporates an upwards pointing arrow to denote high standards and continuous improvement. Project collateral was consolidated into five core behaviours – Understand, Respond, Deliver, Innovate, Reward – and used on a wide range of material, including staff training manuals, interior displays and animations. Messaging has been disseminated across all divisions throughout the world and succeeds in clarifying the concept to staff regardless of language or position.

Digital collateral

Regardless of the digital touchpoint, whether it’s via CBRE’s website, social media platforms or internal portals, the Rise to Exceptional brand identity is consistently represented and instantly recognisable to staff, and intrinsically linked to the values it stands for.

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