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The more we learn about your customers, the more information we harvest, and the more efficient we become.

Paid social is an essential activity for every business, but unless you know what you’re doing, you could be wasting your money. With our ninja-like skills we can use social ads to segment your audience down to a microscopic level and promote your products or services to the people who are most interested in what you’ve got to offer. It’s a powerful way to build awareness, drive web traffic, generate leads and convert sales.

Developments in platform capabilities, technological improvements and ever-changing user trends, mean we have to stay on our toes to remain the industry experts. We are experienced advertisers on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter and are early adopters of new features as they become available. Each channel has its own intricacies and unique benefits to reach your desired audience.

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Tracking tools open up an astonishing vault of powerful data and insights which enable us to identify key audiences and their behaviours, as well as re-targeting to lead them to conversion. Before we spend a penny on advertising, we make sure everything is set up correctly first, ensuring there is zero wastage in your marketing activities.

Beyond simply measuring reach, impressions and engagements we can now go a step further and also show sales attributed to a campaign’s activity. These powerful insights support marketing managers with data-driven proof of the power of social media advertising.


Paid Social Media Advertising Services


with Michael

PMW employed a targeted Facebook adverting campaign to help launch a clothes recycling scheme for SATCoL, the Salvation Army’s trading arm.

The main objective of the campaign was to get schools to sign up to SATCoL’s Recycle with Michael scheme via its website. The messaging focused on the potential to earn money for your school while recycling at the same time. With one advert targeting teachers, and another parents, we tailored the creative to appeal to each audience, and drove traffic to specific areas of the website.

The team monitored the performance of the adverts closely throughout the entire campaign, making adjustments to the targeted audience to increase engagement. By refining our approach, we were able to maximise the impact of the campaign for a hugely positive outcome.


1 Impressions
18.7 Link clicks
10 Average cost per click

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