Social media – what's the secret to success?

A strong social media presence has never been more important in today's business world. Get it right, and you could reap rich rewards. Get it wrong, and you risk losing trust in your brand, not to mention a heap of potential customers. In this blog, our social media supremo Tracie Carter shares a few tips on how to nail the socials. . .

1.Define your objectives

Start by identifying the core message you want to get across on social media. This might be a business ethos that's unique to your company, rather than a specific sales objective. Building profile in this way will raise awareness of your brand, which in turn should lead to new customers and sales.

2. Know your audience

Think about the kind of followers you want to attract and tailor your content accordingly. It's relatively easy to gain a thousand followers on Twitter, but will they be the right followers, who will engage with your business? Bear in mind that the tastes and preferences of your target audience might not be the same as your own personal tastes. For example, a cute kitten video may not float your boat, but your followers might love it.

Choosing the right platforms is important. Different platforms attract different demographics and style of content, for example, Facebook is more conversational, while LinkedIn is very business-focused.

3.Research the competition

Know who you're up against. Look at what your competitors are doing on social media. What do you like about their accounts? What don't you like?  Take inspiration from businesses that are leading the way from a social perspective. There's nothing wrong with borrowing ideas, but adapt and refine those ideas to ensure your company's content is fresh, memorable and relevant.

4.Show your personality

Ditch the sales pitch and aim for a more informal tone, even on LinkedIn. The most popular posts are the ones that talk about real people, showing the human side and the personalities in your business. Don't hold back from posting about staff get-togethers or charity events your employees are involved in. Most people spend time on social media for fun and interesting engagement, whether that's business-focused content on LinkedIn, or something more lighthearted on Facebook. Having said that, users are savvy and they expect to see marketing messages and advertising on the social networks. Latest stats show that 26% of consumers who clicked on a retailer's Facebook ad went on to complete a purchase.1  Which leads us on to . . .

5.Spend money on advertising

There are 2.9 billion social media users globally2. Just imagine the countless millions of messages pinging across the networks every day - it's like cramming the populations of whole continents into one room and all those people talking at once. Free-to-post content – known as organic content – definitely has a place, but there's no point being beautiful in the dark! Paid social allows you to display adverts or sponsored messages to network users. Promoted or boosted posts can be targeted precisely to the demographic you're aiming to reach, drawing followers to your brand who will then engage with organic content too.

6.Find the good in social media

Don't look on social media as a necessary evil – think of it as a force for good. Invest in social media as part of your overall marketing strategy and the benefits should soon become clear. We've worked with many clients who were unsure at first, but now they've become evangelists themselves.

And don't just wait for followers to come to you. Go out and make friends - hook up with local media, as well as local groups and influencers who might be interested in your services. Share their posts to encourage social interaction and build mutually beneficial relationships that could last for years.

7.Pictures, pictures, pictures!

Imagery is so important. We'd never post without using visuals, whether that's a photo, video or animation. Research also shows that photos with faces on Instagram get 38% more likes than those without faces in the picture, and they're 32% more likely to attract comments from users.3 So the message is – get social, get visual, and watch your business grow!

Sort out your socials with PMW

Our expert in-house social media team can talk you through the services we offer, from Facebook and LinkedIn to Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Call Tracie Carter on 01403 783400 for a no-obligation chat today!


1Survata survey of 1500 consumers on behalf of CPC Strategy, March 2017

2Digital in 2017 Global Overview

3Study by Georgia Institute of Technology and Yahoo Labs 




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