We're working for you – wherever we may be….

Did you know that half the UK workforce is expected to be working remotely by 2020? Statistics from the Office of National Statistics show that the number of employees working from home or in satellite offices continues to rise, with more than four million people now working away from their company offices.

Here at PMW, what matters most to us is the quality of our workforce. With over 25 years' experience in the marketing industry, we're pretty confident that we can spot talent when we see it, and we're very proud of our award-winning team.

PMW satellite offices

Several of our team work remotely in satellite offices either in the UK or abroad. Take Gemma, our wonderfully-energetic PR Director, who handles our Business to Consumer department. After 10 years in our West Sussex offices, Gemma has moved to Devon, from where she continues to wave her PR wand over all her work. Luckily, Gemma still finds time to head up the M5 to work with us here once a fortnight.

Both Gemma and our highly-experienced Senior PR Manager, Sally, are busy developing our business interests in the West Country while continuing to work with organisations from all over the UK.

Our Senior Web Developer Sebastian, carries out his digital mastery from the heart of the beautiful Lake District, while the most far-flung member of our creative team is our Web Developer Zak, who lives and works in Iceland – yes really! Web wizard Zak really does make the most of our digitally-connected world, producing amazing websites from his home office more than 1,100 miles away.

As remote working continues to grow in popularity, you can rest assured that our staff are at the top of their game – wherever in the world they happen to live.

If you'd like to find out more about how we can boost your organisation's profile and performance, call us on 01403 783400 or get in touch via our contact page.




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