How to make an impact on the airwaves

At PMW we are firm believers in the power of radio advertising and, when done right, it can have a big effect on your business. Read below for our top tips on how to make an impact on the airwaves. 
Choose your audience wisely
Selecting the wrong radio station to advertise on can be costly. If you're a business that supplies a service or product to customers in your local area, choosing the wrong station in the wrong location will mean you'll be paying for a lot of listeners to hear your advert who won't be able to buy your product or service. 
Similarly, if you want to spread your message far and wide not every national radio station will be right for you.  You need to check the demographic, in other words are the people listening to the station the right age for your product, can they afford it and do they have the right interests?  There's no point advertising if you're not going to do your homework and check radio station credentials beforehand. 

Ensure people can hear you
Just because you've chosen the right station doesn't mean your job is done.  You now need to think about ensuring people hear your message. How many people will you be reaching? How many spots (the number of times your advert will be played) do you need to reach those people?  How long will your spots be?  What time of day will be best for reaching you target audience? How often will your advert get played? 
There is a lot to think about here, so it is always best to speak to an expert in radio booking before you commit.  We have a tried and tested method of successfully choosing the right station, the right programme, the right number of spots and the rights times of day, and we're happy to help find yours. 
Grab the listeners' attention
People don't listen to radio for the adverts. Fact. Therefore, your adverts need to grab the listeners' attention from the very outset. 
At PMW, we see it as our duty to make radio commercials that are an extension of the audience's listening experience.  We use expert script-writers, talented and professional musicians and amazing voiceovers, many of whom are household names. 
We're pretty good at radio advertising
We've been creating radio campaigns for our customers for over 20 years, so it's fair to say we have a bit of expertise in the area!  You can listen to some of the fantastic adverts we've created for our clients here.
If you're keen to get heard on the radio, give us a call – 01403 783400.




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