PMW service feature: PR

In this blog we focus on the benefits of PR explain why it should be incorporated into your marketing mix. 
What is PR?
Public Relations is the way companies and brands spread positive information and awareness of their products and services to the public.  This doesn't just mean customers, but anyone that can come into contact with your business, such as stakeholders, journalists and suppliers.  At PMW we do this by utilising the media, whether that's national or local newspapers, radio, TV, websites or bloggers, to act as a voice to raise awareness and deliver key messages about your company and how it does business.  Gaining positive media coverage can add credibility to a product, person or company and enables you to have control of your image.

Can PR work for my business?
If a company wants to spread their message to potential customers or service providers – and we would say that's pretty much every company – then PR is good for them.  It can work in so many ways and is an excellent and cost-effective way to spread a message to a large audience.  A press release can be tailored for specific audiences and picked up by a wide range of media outlets generating awareness, increasing your profile and focusing on the many positive attributes your company has.
What PR services do PMW offer? 
A lot! From writing and sending out a press release to launching a new product, organising a large scale event, and everything in between, we will develop a creative PR strategy that is perfect for your brand.  In a nutshell, we:
  • Develop PR strategies to deliver tangible results
  • Write and distribute press releases
  • Liaise with the media and answer enquiries
  • Write engaging copy for brochures, websites, blogs, etc.
  • Plan and manage events
  • Secure and write B2B and B2C features
  • Write and submit award nominations
  • Place product reviews in relevant publications
Our PR team is made up of a range of highly experienced individuals including former journalists and PR veterans as well as graduates who are getting their first taste of the industry.  Whatever you want to achieve from your PR campaign we can help you to ensure it delivers successful results.
Isn't PR only needed when something goes wrong?
No, definitely not. It's fair to say that PR is extremely important in getting the right message out when there is a crisis, but why wait for something to go wrong when you can deliver positive messages about your business on a regular basis?  There will be numerous things worth shouting about – such as new product ranges or services, award wins or staff taking on charitable endeavours – that will showcase your company in a positive light.  
PMW: award winning PR
We've won a number of awards throughout the years for the PR campaigns we've ran on behalf of our clients, so you'll be in good hands with us. You can find out more about the media generating PR campaigns we've run for some of our clients here.  
Contact us to find out how PR could work for your business - 01403 783400.




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