The importance of visual content to your brand

The explosion in the popularity of social media channels like Instagram are testament to our appetite for visual material and the power it holds to captivate us. We are fundamentally visual creatures – we can process images up to 60,000 times faster than text and 93% of all communication is non-verbal.
Beautiful vistas, luxurious destinations, objects of desire – these images define our aspirations and drive our actions. Visual content therefore is essential when it comes to defining your brand and marketing strategy, and ultimately entice people towards your goods or services. A strong and appealing visual identity is vital to business performance and engagement levels with your target audience. Consider the fact that Tweets with images do five times better than those without!

Cast your mind back to the best piece of marketing collateral you've seen recently. It's likely that it captivated you by telling a clear visual story, either through a video or single image. A picture says a thousand words – a maxim that has never been more relevant as our attention spans are becoming shorter and the daily barrage of data is getting bigger. Good visual content has the power to cut through the noise and captivate your customer, if you get it right. 
So what visuals should you be considering for your website and social media posts and what if your skills behind the camera leave a lot of be desired? The good news is, it's not just about photography:
  • Infographics convey a clear, consistent message
  • Company graphics generate instant brand recognition
  • Online videos, from interviews to how-to-guides, are great for engagement levels
  • Animated slides provide a cost-effective option
  • Quote images motivate your audience  
  • Memes (a humorous photo and caption) add a light-hearted tone
Taking the role of visual content seriously means investing time and money in generating high-quality material. This objective should be central to your marketing strategy, with a commitment to adapt and update. If this sounds daunting, experts like our own studio design team are on hand to advise and inspire.
Want to get the creative juices flowing? Shutterstock, the image collection service, has released its 2018 Creative Trends Report, which makes for fascinating reading. It highlights the concepts that will be influencing creative marketing departments over the next year. Which one appeals to you?
Shutterstock's top marketing design trends:
  1. Fantasy – think unicorns!
  2. New minimalism – bold and fluid
  3. Space – timeless
  4. Natural luxury – marble and semi-precious 
  5. Punchy pastels – candy sweet
  6. A global march – Wonder Woman
  7. Cactus – nature with a bite
  8. Digital crafts – homemade feel
  9. Ancient geometrics – delicate patterns
  10. Cryptocurrency – digital assets
  11. Holographic foil – shiny
Here at PMW, we have an experienced team of designers who know how to create stunning graphics that grab attention. Contact us for more information on how to find the right visual content for your company. (INSERT LINK https://pmwcom.co.uk/contact)




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