Our Financial Director, Peter Burton, answers 10 quick-fire questions

23rd April 2019

As our Financial Director, Peter Burton knows his way around a spreadsheet. However, outside the office his interests are wide-ranging. To understand what makes Peter tick, we fired 10 questions at him, Jeremy Paxman-style:

1. Tell us about your role and how it’s evolved over the last five years since you joined

I’ve been the Financial Director at PMW since August 2013. After 25 years of trading, the company is now going from strength to strength, enabling us to take the investment decision to extend the building to accommodate our business growth moving forward. On a day-to-day basis, I’m responsible for all payments going in and out of the organisation, as well as taxes, payroll, insurance, leases and the new build.

2. Name three of your ideal dinner party guests – dead or alive!

Glenn Miller, the big-band and swing musician and composer who died in 1944 while flying over the English Channel having entertained WWII troops in France. He’s got to be on my list for his musical talent. Jazz is my music of choice, having grown up with jazz-mad parents who were always jiving and listening to old-school stars like Glenn Miller. There’s something very special about the atmosphere the genre evokes. I always wanted to play the saxophone when I was a kid but school didn’t allow us, so I took up the clarinet to Grade 5.

Tommy Cooper, the comedian, who was simply hilarious. It wasn’t always what he said; even when he did nothing it was funny. I can imagine he would make the perfect dinner guest.

Last, but not least, my father, who I still think about and miss every day.

3. What’s the soundtrack to your life?

Lovely Day – by American soul singer Bill Withers. It’s the ultimate feel-good tune, and you don’t hear it on the radio enough. I always remember trying to hold the note near the end – one of the longest recorded on a song – without breathing.

4. What would be your superpower of choice?

The power of free flight – how amazing would that be? The places you could go!

5. Take a look at your phone and tell us about the last picture you took

It’s a picture from a trip to watch Harlequins play Saracens at the Olympic Park, Stratford – and shows six of us from PMW enjoying a stein of beer in a fine drinking establishment!

6. What do you enjoy most about working at PMW?

Banter and friends. It’s a fantastic, unique place to work with strong team values.

7. What was your favourite subject at school?

Geography and Drama. I was regularly seen treading the boards, and used to write drama sketches with my friends to perform to the school.

8. What’s your biggest bugbear?


9. Any hidden talents?


10. Favourite word?


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