A day in the life of an Accounts Management Intern

No two days are the same for anyone at PMW, with all of our creative minds running wild, important press releases to be written, artwork to be designed, marketing schedules to be put in place and websites to be created we are always on the hunt for new creative geniuses to join our team. In February this year we welcomed our newly appointed Accounts Management Intern, Beth Webster. 

In this blog she tells us all about what she gets up to on a daily basis here at PMW:

I've been at PMW just over 5 months now and I absolutely love it. Working closely with Accounts Manager, Lizzie Blount, and the rest of the accounts management team I'm constantly being challenged and taught something new. My day is always varied apart from my 9am coffee and diet coke around 2pm.

8.45am: After saying good morning to everyone in the other departments and putting the kettle on, I head to the accounts management room (also known as 'the green room' here at PMW thanks to the lime coloured walls) and open my emails.

I often spend 15 minutes replying to emails I've received over night and ensuring my to-do list has everything on it that needs completing that day. This is key at PMW as I deal with many different clients and I need to be sure nothing is forgotten.

I then spend the next hour proofing and amending artwork created by the studio the previous day. Often pieces of artwork go through a few cycles of editing – this is so we can ensure we are completely satisfied that the product we've created truly reflects the style, tone and the quality of their brand.

11.00am: The next stage of my morning is normally spent creating and filling out 'job bags'. These are documents we give to the studio outlining what we require from them, for example dimensions, themes and deadlines of the artwork. It's essentially a brief so our designers are clear on what is expected. 
Just before lunch, I spend time contacting suppliers and retrieving quotes. It could be anything from a giant snowman for an upcoming winter workshop to hunting down XXXL T-Shirts to fit some of the strongest men taking part in the annual Strongman Giant Weekend Competition…both of which I've worked on whilst at PMW.

12.00pm: 12pm is lunch time and it's a great opportunity to relax and enjoy catching up with the rest of the team at PMW. Although I haven't been here for very long, Pete our Managing Director, has already hosted a number of BBQs in our lovely outside courtyard area, I've also been told he still does them in the winter months too where the team wraps up warm and enjoys hot chocolate!

1.00pm: After lunch it's back to work and, following a quick catch up on my emails, normally I head into a creative meeting. At PMW we regularly host creative meetings to conjure up new innovative ways to raise our clients' profile. We spend time considering who they are, what they want to achieve and who their target audience is. My job is to help build a schedule that can be delivered within budget and put together a pitch document before we present the final proposal to our clients. 

3.00pm: By now the guys in the studio have normally designed the artwork from the job bags I gave them in the morning so I tend to spend the next hour proofing and amending the work they've produced; referring back to my notes to ensure everything our client has asked for is present in the artwork.

4.00pm: It's time for a catch up with Lizzie! Lizzie and I catch up on a daily basis to ensure that all of our clients are receiving exactly what is laid out in their schedule. We write out exactly what needs doing and share the work load between us in order to be as efficient as possible. After this I ensure all the artwork deadlines have been met and I send over the final copies to our clients for their comment or approval.

5.00pm: The last half hour of my day is normally spent finishing outstanding jobs and then at 5.30pm I prepare my to-do list for the following day and make sure my desk is clean and tidy before leaving for the evening.

I'm absolutely loving my time at PMW and hope that after my internship has finished I can stay on and become a fully-fledged Accounts Management Executive!




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