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31st March 2022

Having an identity crisis? Then it’s time to talk brand strategy.

If you want to give your marketing more direction, then you need to be prepared to show the world who you are. But be warned – it’s not as simple as getting a new look and some flashy technology… this isn’t a midlife crisis. That’s where brand strategy comes in.

Once you get brand strategy right, it informs everything else that you do with your marketing and becomes the thing that makes it all sing.

Success requires careful analysis and an expert eye. Okay, so it might not be quite as difficult as rocket science, but to pull it off certainly requires mathematical precision. Luckily, our experts at PMW have perfected the equation for branding bliss.

Welcome to an insight into our winning formula.

The brand strategy workshop

First up is the brand strategy workshop. This is a collaborative session where we get to know as much as we can about you and your business.

Finding out who you are and what you’re about is important to us, so expect 20 questions (actually, we’re rubbish at that game, so expect lots more). We really need to get a feel for your company and your customers, so the more we know, the better.

Pulling out the thread

Once we’ve put your business under the microscope, it’s over to us to cut through everything else to get to the core essence of your brand.

At PMW we call this core essence the thread. It runs through every aspect of your marketing and it’s the thing that will inform everything we do.

A good thread is concise, complete, and considered. It needs to be something that your customers will connect with, and it must embody:

  • Your ethics and values
  • Your brand’s personality
  • Your USP

Find your creative vehicles

Step three is all about establishing ways to convey the thread to your audience. We do this through what we call creative vehicles –think logo, tone of voice and even brand policies, offers and outreach.

Our creative vehicles are focussed on communicating your thread with purpose, emotion, and consistency.

The all-important presentation

Time to whip out the popcorn while we present our recommendations to you. You’ll get to meet our experts who will explain what they would do to take your brand to where it needs to be. This is an interactive session, and we’re always very happy to answer any questions you may have.

Get it right every time

Finally, it’s time to see the results. What does brand strategy success look like? It’s when people sit up, take notice, and just get you. The goal is to become a brand that your target audience immediately connect with – like that movie worthy meet-cute you’ve always dreamed about.

When everyone understands who you are and what you’re about right off the bat, you will immediately catch the interest of the people you want to reach. It also builds loyalty, trust, sales, and a great reputation in your market – not bad, right?

With our brand strategy formula, we will give you a framework that just ‘lets you be you.’ If you stick to it, you’ll get it right every time.

If you’re interested in talking to us about brand strategy, get in touch to book a free 30-minute consultation.

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Rich Newman - Social Media Specialist

A creative social media specialist with eight years’ experience, Rich has worked with many renowned brands, creating highly-successful social media strategies and content.

Having worked with brands such as Kia Motors, Mazda, Royal Caribbean, SailGP and the Intercontinental Hotel Group, Rich really knows his stuff when it comes to creating powerful digital content.

When Rich isn’t Tweeting, you’ll probably find him moving heavy metal at the gym.

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