A day in the life of a PR and social media Intern by Justine Harding

No two days are the same as an intern at PMW. I work alongside the PR and social media teams so my workload is always varied. There are exciting press releases to write, tweets to upload and journalists to contact – it’s always buzzy and busy here with never a dull moment.

9.00am: After arriving and catching up with my colleagues, I settle at my desk with a coffee and open my work diary – a total necessity for the job. The projects on my to-do list with a big star next to them take priority, so first up is writing a press release for a client. They’re a key way of engaging with journalists so I come up with a catchy headline, research information so that the article is weighted with authority and include at least one quote from a key person in the business plus an image to accompany the words. Creativity is essential to craft the best, and most attention grabbing, press release possible, which is why it is always one of my favourite tasks.

11.00am: I check through my emails and respond to any new ones. Then it’s onto the next task of the day – generally involving phone calls with various clients or journalists.

12.00pm: It’s been a busy morning, so onto the next important job – lunch! Today, our boss, Pete, is treating us a delicious BBQ – a perk of the job! It’s good to embrace some fresh air and connect with my colleagues in other departments – we all have a good laugh together in the sunny courtyard.

1.00pm: Back to the desk and it’s another quick check through my email inbox. Then I put my social media hat on and start researching exciting content to be used on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as we like to actively engage with followers throughout the day.

Social Media Intern

2.00pm: The next task at hand it to write some website copy for one of the clients. This is different from a press release as the tone of voice speaks directly to the reader. The one I’m writing about today is for the client’s blog page so it is fairly informal.

3.00pm: I’m off to a creative meeting. It’s a whirl of ideas as we brainstorm innovative ways to raise our clients’ profiles – bouncing ideas off one another. It’s a collaborative effort, as we have designers, account managers and PR representatives altogether in one room, coming up with one massive brainstorm of creative suggestions and ideas.

5:15pm: After a final check of emails for the day, I clear my desk, prep my to-do list for tomorrow and make sure everything is neat and tidy. Who knows what tomorrow will bring!


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