Top 5 tips for small marketing budgets

Not every company will have a marketing budget that allows it to do everything it wants to, and with so many options available it can be difficult to decide what will see your business get the best return for your spend.

So, give yourself a marketing health check by following our top five tips on where to concentrate a limited budget:

1. Look good online

We always say that a website is your shop window, so it needs to look good. With stats indicating that 90% of people will look online to research products and services, your online presence needs to be up to scratch. This doesn’t mean you have to completely overhaul your website, as a small refresh may be fine – make sure content is up to date, the images are relevant, and that it’s easy for users to find out about your company. For more advice, have a read of our website director’s tips for creating the perfect site.

2. Get social

Love it or loathe it, social media cannot be ignored. From Twitter and Facebook, to Instagram and Snapchat, and not forgetting LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and all the other platforms that are springing up every day, having a presence on every one of these sites is a full-time job. For limited budgets, concentrate on one or two that are right for your business, and do them well. Facebook is the leading social platform, so we suggest having a presence, then perhaps choose Instagram or Snapchat if you’re a lifestyle business, whereas Twitter and LinkedIn work well for B2B companies. If you want help with social media, we’re holding a Facebook for Business Masterclass in March.

3. Pay to Play

Once you’ve set up your Facebook page, make use of the advertising and post boosting features. They are extremely effective and allow you to narrow down your target audience choosing from location, age, interests and much more. With some boosted posts costing as little as £4, it’s great value for money, but obviously the more you spend, the better return you will have.

4. Shout about it

PR can give you a lot of bang for your buck! Your business probably has plenty of news that you should be spreading. From new business wins and awards, to hiring an amazing member of staff and raising money for charity, don’t keep it to yourself. Send out a press release to your local media, or the national media depending on the story, and don’t forget magazines and websites that cover the industry you work in. A well-placed and well-written news story can do wonders for building your brand, and costs a lot less than placing an advert.

5. Get out there

Whilst the internet has given so many opportunities for businesses to build a brand, having an actual conversation about your business still holds a lot of clout; a potential customer or client won’t understand the passion and love you have for your business by reading an email. Investigate the networking events in your area, many of which are free or have small fees, as these allow you to build connections and raise your profile.


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Sally Burfoot
Senior PR Manager

Article by:

Sally Burfoot -
Senior PR Manager

A highly knowledgeable PR expert with more than 25 years’ experience working in the media industry. Sally initially trained as a journalist and cut her teeth on both regional and national news desks before moving across to PR.

Over the years, she’s created numerous successful campaigns for clients including a global aviation company, the British Heart Foundation, builders merchants, and shopping centres up and down the country.

Outside of work, you’ll find Sally either strolling along a beach or jumping up and down at a music gig.

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