PMW reveals its Google Partner Accredited Ads Account Benchmarks

Get ready for a delightful scoop! PMW’s Digital Director and Google Partner Strategist, Tom, is here to spill the beans on Google Partner Accredited Ads account benchmarks and the secret sauce to growing a client base while keeping up with the ever-evolving Google machine!

Juggling multiple Google Ads accounts, we’re practically swimming in data! This treasure trove of information empowers us to make savvy decisions, staying one step ahead of algorithm changes and boosting our game plan.

The past couple of years have been a thrilling ride for our agency. We’ve witnessed soaring demand for Google-related services like Ads and SEO, leading us to triple our client base. And guess what? Our clients stick around year after year because the data doesn’t lie! Gone are the days of short-lived paid advertising; with digital advertising, we can pinpoint ROI with laser precision – it’s all accountable!

Feast your eyes on some of our sparkling highlights:

• Click Through Rate (CTR): solid industry average is 6%, but PMW rocks a stunning 10% CTR! The secret? Matching the perfect ad type format with the right client and ensuring keywords and audience targeting are spot on.

• Conversion Rate (Conv. rate): PMW boasts a whopping 13% Conv. rate. We nail this by targeting the ideal audience and delivering a top-notch landing experience that matches the ad copy.

• Top Impression Share (IS): while the industry average is 60%, PMW proudly maintains a dazzling 75% rate. This crucial puzzle piece drives our clients’ success and growth.

Don’t forget about other cool metrics like ‘Average Engagement Time’, perfect for awareness campaigns. Just be clear on your objectives before teaming up with an agency!

How does PMW uphold Google Partner standards and set our clients up for success? Here’s the lowdown:

1. Embracing new tech: we’re early adopters of cutting-edge analytics reporting tools, which help us present data in a visually engaging way that gets our clients buzzing.

2. Meeting benchmarks: Google Partner Agencies must meet specific criteria, including optimisation scores, ad spend, and annual qualifications. PMW is always up to the challenge!

3. Investing in enterprise solutions: we use top-notch tools to make forecasting and predicting a breeze, turning our projections into your reality.

4. Providing personalised support: clients enjoy monthly one-on-one meetings with a dedicated account manager to celebrate success and identify areas for improvement. No data is bad data!

We have a team of passionate and dedicated managers, executives, and apprentices who all thrive at PMW, challenging the very data we are guided to listen to. We come together as a team, questioning processes, testing new ideas, and being granted the time and space to grow, which fundamentally empowers us and enhances our ability to mature digitally.

In Tom’s words, “I don’t expect our team to provide the impossible, but I do expect us to go above and beyond what we can do with the tools we have. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” So, let’s seize those opportunities together!

PMW has a team of 40 staff, some of whom have been with the company since 1993. We work proudly to ensure our relationship is as personal and emotive for you as much as it is for us. We aim to listen, support, and excite. We stand out from the crowd with edgy and exciting concepts that gain the attention you deserve.

If you would like to discuss your Google SEO or Ads campaigns with Tom, pick up the phone. A problem shared, is a problem halved.


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Tom Marchant
Digital Director

Article by:

Tom Marchant -
Digital Director

Tom has an abundance of digital marketing experience gained from the launch of two global fashion retail start-up companies based in the UK and Germany. His skills dominate the ecommerce sector focusing on CRM/logistics and multiple sales channels from Google to worldwide marketplaces and email automation.

Some of the many digital challenges we face cannot always be solved but that doesn’t mean that we can’t accommodate them in our journey towards success.

When not working at PMW Communications you will find Tom running, swimming and riding the horses at home. His many hobbies include perfumery on a technical level and music production for which he was once listed in the club house charts.

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