Are business case studies worth the effort?

30th July 2017

Forward-thinking companies understand the value of their content. Whether it’s copy for your website, marketing brochure or emails, your brand is defined by your tone of voice and language just as much as your visual identity.

However, in an information-loaded world, how do you make your voice heard over the crowd and what content should you be creating?

Here at PMW we are champions of the business case study. If crafted correctly, it can be a powerful marketing tool. Customers need evidence that the products or services you offer are worth buying into. A good case study can help to win business and convert potentials into customers.

The good news is that one case study can have multiple uses:

  • On websites (this page often outperforms others in terms of hits and dwell time)
  • In the press (journalists are happy to accept for publication)
  • To support sales professionals (when presented as a brand endorsement)

But, companies are often put-off creating case studies due to the time and effort involved in gathering the information and getting approval for use. The advice we give to our clients is – it’s worth it.

So what should a case study include?

Case studies must showcase your company’s skills, successes and diversity of services. The key objective is to demonstrate the benefits that companies can expect if they work with you.

At the heart of any case study is a problem faced by your client, and the solution your organisation provided. The answer should be peppered with facts and statistics to quantify how the product or service positively impacted your customer’s business. And remember, images are vital, if you can’t source them it might be worth choosing a different client or project.

Here are some other points to bear in mind:

  • The piece should tell an interesting story and address a unique angle
  • Don’t make it too long, 500 words is the average size. The key is to keep it engaging
  • A quotation immediately lifts the content and speaks straight to your customer
  • If written correctly, the focus will be on your customer’s story rather than your own
  • Avoid too much technical detail or jargon, it should be digestible for a wider audience
  • Spend time creating an interesting heading and sub-heading to grab attention

Writing a case study can seem a daunting task. If finding the time is proving to be the biggest challenge, we can help. We’ve created hundreds of case studies for clients of all sizes, across all sectors. We’re experienced at approaching our clients’ customers to gain the information needed, and follow a strict approval process so that the content we create will only be used once all parties are happy. For more information on our copywriting services call us on 01403 873400.

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Sally Burfoot - Senior PR Manager

A highly knowledgeable PR expert with more than 20 years’ experience working in the media industry. Sally initially trained as a journalist and cut her teeth on both regional and national news desks before moving across to PR.

Over the years, she’s created numerous successful campaigns for clients including a global aviation company, the British Heart Foundation and shopping centres up and down the country.

Outside of work, you’ll find Sally either strolling along a beach or jumping up and down at a music gig.

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