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22nd May 2020

Over the past few months marketing campaigns have had to adapt quickly as the world around us rapidly changed. As we start to settle into our new ‘normal’, we take a look at some of the efforts that have not only brightened up our days, but provided beacons of hope in what have been challenging and uncertain times.

Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light

For any die hard Eurovision fan, the second Saturday in May is usually reserved for hosting ABBA themed parties, participating in ever so slightly odd, but brilliantly bonkers, sing-a-longs and shouting at the telly as your favourite performer receives yet another ‘nil point’.

But, all the fun and frivolities that usually accompany Eurovision changed this year when, due to COVID-19, it was cancelled for the first time in its 64-year history.

However, despite the annual contest not going ahead, its replacement didn’t disappoint. Instead, as three socially distancing hosts took to the stage in Rotterdam on the night the contest should have taken place, Eurovision stars past and present came together to produce a moving live tribute show culminating in a singalong of Love Shine A Light, the UK’s winning entry from 1997. Each of the 41 entries was honoured with contestants delivering messages of positivity and support across the airwaves.

COOK Food’s Kindness Fund

There’s nearly nothing better than tucking into a good, home-cooked meal as proved by COOK, which has been making freshly prepared meals for the freezer for more than 20 years. Popular with foodies and the culinary challenged alike, its strength lies in making meals using the same methods and techniques as any good cook would use at home, so everything looks and tastes homemade.

With dozens of stores across the UK, COOK was one company that reacted quickly to the COVID-19 crisis with the introduction of its Kindness Fund in March. What started as ad hoc acts of kindness at the beginning of the crisis, has since transformed into over 60,000 meals being donated to people who need them most, including those in ‘at risk’ groups and self-isolating, prison staff, NHS teams, youth groups and homeless shelters.

IKEA – Conquer the Great Indoors

Renowned for its often quirky campaigns, IKEA’s witty and relevant reflection of life at home in its latest television commercial provides some light relief in a schedule currently dominated by depressing and gloomy advertisements.

Featuring someone dressed as a lion languishing on the sofa and doing a rather surreal upward facing dog yoga pose (and who wouldn’t smile at that?), it focuses on finding freedom in your new habitat and making your home feel calm in the chaos.

Voiceovers United – Keep Talking

PMW was delighted to be part of this uplifting project last month, which involved more than 70 voiceover artists coming together to create a specially-made radio commercial encouraging listeners to ‘keep talking’ while the UK was in lockdown. Devised, written and produced by voiceover artist and award-winning radio commercial producer, John Calvert, the commercial featured some of the UK’s leading voiceover artists, including X Factor voice Peter Dickson, Big Brother voice Marcus Bentley and Emma Clarke, who is best known as London Underground’s ‘mind the gap’ voice.

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