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29th April 2020

As we all attempt to navigate our way through the turbulent times ahead, it’s easy to feel a bit down sometimes. We’ve asked some of the PMW team what positives they’ve taken from this experience, and received some great responses – hope these put a smile on your face!

“Personally, not spending money on fuel and childcare, or having to sit in endless traffic during my commute (the only traffic lights I have seen are on my VPN connection!) or having to empty skanky lunchboxes has been amazing. I also like getting up later, eating earlier and spending more time in the house I never seemed to be in before. I’ve enjoyed gardening, hooking up my sewing machine for the first time in 18 months, and sitting here planning my eventual escape haha!” – Harriette

“Love having daily countryside strolls – never used to enjoy walks so much but it certainly will be something I will keep going with once normality returns (and my partner has said we can get a dog too!)” – Gemma

“It has forced me to slow down. My life was and always has been a bit of a whirlwind. I convinced myself that was the only way I liked things to be. This enforced change has taught me that a slow life isn’t so bad after all – bring on retirement!” – Lizzie

“I have gained around an hour and a half each day by not commuting, which means more time with the kids and out walking the dog in daylight for a change. When you have kids, that extra hour of sleep means that you get more of an evening which is a blessing!” – Graham

“With daily tasks not being what they were, it’s been good to have the freedom of mind to put some thought into what improvements you can make to yourself and your business. What changes need making, how can relationships be nurtured and what are we good at and where could we be better? In normal circumstances, we don’t always have the luxury of time or space to consider such things.” – Gina
“Since being in lockdown, I feel like I’ve been reliving my childhood. I’ve been playing badminton in the garden using a makeshift net, going on the same bike rides that I did when I had just had my stabilisers off, and baking fairy cakes with as many sprinkles as possible. It’s good to enjoy the little things at this time, even if it makes you feel 11 years old all over again.” – Eva

“I used to spend 2.25 hours commuting a day. Having this time back has enabled me to spend more  time with my dog, cat & other half than I ever have before. I’ve never appreciated where I live so much and am really enjoying the challenge of finding a new walk in the South Downs every day. I’m so much less tired than I used to be and I think that it’s great for everyone to be in a position where they can take time for themselves without the pressure of feeling like they should be getting out of the house and doing something, or feeling like they are missing out.” – Nikki

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